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Suggested Legislations: To enhance public engagement in policy making!


To propose 10+legislations that will form the initial constitutional package called Silent Majority constitutional Package. The campaign ‘United For Better Pakistan’(UBP) is being launched for getting this package approved through the Lower & Upper Houses of the Parliament using various methods of advocacy including, but not limited to public pressure and media awareness etc. Another key responsibility of this Campaign (UBP) will be monitoring and evaluation that is to ensure that these laws are not only codified, but also implemented and to assess their individual and collective impact in making a positive  contribution towards the well-being of the citizenry of Pakistan.

We at PakistanHerald.com, believe that the momentous task of getting things streamlined in our homeland requires that we set aside all our political, ethnic,religious, sectarian differences and join hands to lay the foundation of a NEW PAKISTAN which is based on strong institutions and problems being faced by common man take the central stage of national dialogue.

The legislations listed are in primitive draft state right now ( version 0.1 ). We are expecting it to have many revisions before being finalized. We encourage all Pakistanis around the worldto provide their input and help us formulate these legislations by posting your changes in the comments section or sending through email using UBP@PakistanHerald.com

Let’s Rise above our Political, Ethnic, Religious & Sectarian inclinations and join hands for a peaceful and Prosperous Pakistan!

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