The coming together of an idea marks the beginning of a great leadership, keeping together marks its progress and working together marks its success. Leadership is a critical management skill, the ability to motivate and drive the masses toward a common goal. Though political leadership is an art and skill in its own right there are no easy answers to quality leadership except that a leader is an advocate of the masses and not his own personal agenda.

A quality political leadership evinces in the structural parameters and manifestations of an all-inclusive and a well functioning government. It plays safe, takes advantage of opportunities and avoids hazards. The primary focal points are;

• Creating vision & strategy
• Communicating & Setting direction
• Motivating action
• Aligning people
• Creating systems that people can manage and transforming them when needed to boost growth, evolution and opportunities.

If a leader deigns himself above the law or is an aspiring candidate with big money, trying to gain the upper hand, then democracy cannot survive for long. It is pertinent that he applies the same code of conduct for himself as he does for his people. Moral values make a great leader and a conscientious leader can strengthen the democratic institutions by instilling the same values in them.

A critical look at Pakistan’s volatile world of diplomacy and statecraft reveals a total collapse of leadership. The absence of morality has shown disastrous outcomes for otherwise powerful leaders. With the inflation rate well above 26% and rising, and a frustrated work force of over 50 million, the sole hope for Pakistan lies in transformational leadership. Reduced productivity and lower morale are only two of the many detriments of morally corrupt leadership.

Quality leadership is directly related to morality; superior morals connote authentic and genuine leadership and a sustainable future, whereas warped moral values only create an attractive façade for an otherwise dilapidated state of affairs.

Leaders of Pakistan Movement