MRL - Most Recommended Leadership

archy looms on the horizon of Pakistan, given the frequency of terrorist attacks and the recent death toll in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, one wonders if the government still exists? Are you also deluded by what Grotius said, “Government comes and goes but a state remains forever” if so, this is your wake up call. Nations have suffered before at the hands of bumbling, corrupt and incompetent leaders, think Yugoslavia, U.S.S.R, think 1971, East Pakistan.

The Islamic republic of Pakistan has become a hotbed for suicide bombers. The country that was envisaged to be the epitome of Islam, an ocean of peace, prosperity and tolerance, verges on the characteristics of a failed state. Sadly, more than fifty years of independence and Pakistan is a little more than a toddling baby in diapers! Thanks to our leadership.

Are we living in a state of denial?

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When leaders do not lead, squander opportunities and leave their states battered, the consequences are catastrophic. Here is a look at the poverty and hunger figures in Pakistan.


Population living under $1.25 a day; 22.6% (source UNDP)

Underweight children under 5: 38% (source UNICEF)

Life expectancy at birth: 66.2 (source HDR 2009)

Child marriage under 15 years: 32% (source UNICEF)

Under 5 mortality rate per 1000 live births: 90 (source UNICEF)

How did we get ourselves into this mess? What can we do to get out of it? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and clean out the muck? Pakistan Herald invites you to join hands in the decontamination of Pakistani leadership. Examine the causes of leadership failure and offer solutions for salvaging the leadership imperative; strategic planning, mental toughness and consistency.

Do not pay the cost of hollow leadership, take charge and make your own leaders. It is easier to adjust your course if you know what you are looking for. Pakistan Herald provides a list of attributes that form the essence of great leadership. Strategies are useless if they are not implemented and implementation rests on leaders who;

• Have a high degree of self-knowledge.
• Are willing to take criticism.
• Are able to tolerate ambiguity.
• Are able to tolerate uncertainty.
• Maintain clear and logical thought under pressure.
• Know when to lead and when to recede.
• Maintain high standards of performance.
• Possess and encourage in others, a healthy sense of urgency.
• Seek solution-oriented feedback for adjusting performance.

Recommend your choice today and become an essential part of our leadership cleansing program.

Leadership Cleansing Program (LCP)

LCP consists of three stages,

a) Leadership cleansing
b) Nominating and encouraging public figures to enter the political arena
c) Bringing in new blood

a) Leadership Cleansing ( For existing Political Figures )
When leaders of the state put inequitable burdens on the common man, the environmentally sound action is to cleanse the nation; containerize the garbage and ship it to no- man’s- land.

Step #1: Rate the existing political leaders. Bad politicians are made heads because good people do not vote. Sift the wheat from the chaff. Choose the ones you want to see become heads of the state, fire the rest. If they don’t deliver promises and fail to perform their duties they have no right to occupy the top 100 positions of the state of Pakistan....more

b) Nominate and Encourage Public Figures to Enter the Political Arena

No.1 priority is electing individuals who make a commitment to fundamental reforms. You are required to identify and acknowledge the challenges these non political individuals have faced and their moments of glory. The public figures you nominate must fulfill the criterion of the leadership imperative. The men and women nominated should have the courage and determination to steady the floundering ship of your nation. Remember, it is only quality leadership that can douse the fires ablaze in Pakistan.

STEP #2: Choose your candidate from our list of Pakistani public figures. If you believe that he/she has the makings of a great leader, rate and recommend your choice to citizenry of Pakistan....more

c) Bringing in New Blood

Pakistan is going through a ‘transitional period’. Make the right choice and it can turn a new leaf, make the wrong one and things can go from bad to worse. Enrich Pakistan’s institutions, departments and state offices by bringing in incredibly talented people to take the place of high handed and inadequate leaders.

STEP#3: The common man has lost faith in the existing political leader’s integrity. If you believe that we deserve a better Pakistan then we have today, bring in new blood. ...more