A Call to Non Resident Pakistanis

Making a difference is not easy. Approximately 10 million Pakistanis scattered across the globe contribute billions of dollars every year to Pakistan’s economy. The Pakistani diaspora, a mere 4% of the entire Pakistan’s population, not just shares its riches with Pakistan but yearns to reveal to it, its own.

Over the years, Pakistani expatriates have played a significant role in their own right, proving themselves valuable, generous and motivated in times of national emergency. October 8th, 2005, when an earthquake hit Balakot and Kashmir, the British Pakistani members of the parliament propelled the UK government to raise substantial aid, helping millions survive back home. People like Bilal Ahmed who is the founder of IMPAK USA, and political activists groups like Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee are great examples of productive and useful Pakistanis doing their bit to shape our future. However, the current situation in Pakistan makes every effort a drop in the ocean, something that is lost forever. Thus, arises the need to do more, to step forward and take charge.

Growing uncertainty in the state of Pakistan has led a vast majority to the threshold of desperation. Today, many consider partition a mistake but there are a few who realize that problems cannot be wished away. Bad politics and policy failures have reigned long enough. The Pakistani diaspora has been calling for a change in the political methods for decades, praying and rooting for patriotic leaders who would reshape Pakistani politics. Although, Pakistan’s ministers are making attempts to include the diaspora in nation building schemes but, while these attempts are worthwhile for extracting remittances they restrict the role of overseas Pakistanis when it comes to policy making and good governance.

Pakistan Herald is endeavoring to provide a platform to the 10 million non resident Pakistanis (NRP) by lobbying for the Pakistani diaspora that deserves a say in Pakistani parliament, senate and a role in good governance and policy making. This is an invitation to the Pakistani diaspora to unite under our banner. We at Pakistan Herald believe that the 1,000,000 Pakistanis in UK, the 1,100,000 in Saudi Arabia, the 210,415 in United States, 124,730 in Canada, the 20,000 in Australia, the 880,000 in UAE, along with thousands others living in Germany, Australia, Ireland and all other parts of the world deserve a voice at the highest levels and forums and a healthy representation in the matters of the state.

We know you are knowledgeable, experienced and have a lot to offer, Pakistan Herald is providing you an opportunity to put your experience and knowledge at the service of your country;

• Help us root out corruption and leaders who outstay their welcome.
• Help us choose leaders that lead through example
• Help us elect disciplined leaders who can put an end to the divisions that have ruined our country.
• Help us let the leaders of Pakistan know that real legitimacy lies in the people’s recognition of their institutions and leaders.

In the near future, we plan to send NRP delegates to Pakistan to establish the right connections with the right people. It is time we made a difference at the grass root level. Pakistan is our country and we need to ensure that its citizens get a good life.

“Arise, and soar with the sun’s new-born rays,
To breathe new life into dying nights and days.”

~Allama Iqbal