Dashboard of the Nation

Pakistan is a nation of 166,036,895 people, the majority of whom are either unemployed, living under the poverty line, without an education or all of the above.

The figures presented below are indicators of the many problems facing Pakistan.

People Living Under the Poverty Line

In Pakistan 24% of the population live under the poverty line (less than $1 a day). 39.84 million people.

Children in Child Labor

While exact numbers are impossible to get, estimates are in the range of 12 million children under the age of 14 in child labor. Prime industries are carpet weaving, surgical instruments and soccer ball manufacturing.


25 million people are unemployed - 15% of the nation. This figure takes into account full time employment only – look into underemployment and the figure is even more massive. This is over 50 billion productive hours lost annually.

Number of People Enrolled in University

5% which is 8.3 million are enrolled in a university. However given the quality of most universities in Pakistan, far fewer than that would actually be getting a decent education.

Number of Illiterate People

49% over the age of 15. The population over 15 years is 59%, which means 98 million people. So the number of illiterates over the age of 15 is 48 million people.

Number of children not in school

Under 15 years is 41%, or 68,075,127 children. Of those, it is estimated that 29% are not in school. This is 19 million children not in school. .

Number of hours with no electricity

The country has 6500MW of power at its disposal, but usage exceeds 11000MW. This results in average load shedding of 5 hours a day, going up to 18 in some areas. This SIGNIFICANTLY effects day to day life, and industry is suffering heavy losses. This is a minimum of 1680 productive hours lost annually , for each household or business in Pakistan. If we multiply that per person, there are 278 billion productive hours lost annually

Number of IDPs

Figures are hard to get exact, but estimates are at around 1.25 million internally displaces persons.

Number of Refugees

1,043,984, mostly from neighboring Afghanistan.

Number of People dying from Preventable Disease

Malaria: 50,000 annually. Water borne disease: 250,000 children annually. Measles: 21,000 children annually. Diarrheal diseases: 118,000 annually. 24,000 whooping cough annually. 66,000: tuberculosis annually. In Pakistan there are 529,000 PREVENTABLE deaths annually, mostly in children. That is 60 people EVERY HOUR

Infant mortality rate
68 deaths per 1000 live births. Around 14000 babies are born each day. So that is 952 babies die before getting a chance at life. Every hour 39 babies die.

School Life Expectancy
7 years. The average Pakistani will only spend 7 YEARS at school, and even they are the lucky ones.