Solution Center

When there is a problem, then there are also causes and effects. For changing an effect the best possible course of action is changing the cause. Solution Center introduces you to the possibility of change. In a world of self induced limitations it is easy to loose focus and get stuck in a box, that’s where half our Pakistani population is. Pakistan Herald challenges you to step out of the box and present your solutions for a stronger sustainable future. Use the feedback page to send in your ideas.

Pakistan is a crisis- driven country. Unless our minuscule problems turn into colossal one eyed monsters, we mostly tend to ignore them. The fact of the matter is one cannot will a crisis away. If it reaches your doorstep it won’t leave without causing some damage or the other. Finding solutions when you are standing inside a problem can be very challenging. The first step towards solving a problem is identifying and the second is creating strategies for making the issue less problematic.

Follow these simple steps, send in solutions and help overcome the prevailing crises in Pakistan.

• Identify the problem.
• Clarify, what would solve the problem.
• Create possible ways to solve the problem
• Choose the best solution
• Commit to its implementation.

Choose your battlefield today! We await your solutions.