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Speak up so they hear you!

One of the hardest things when you are communicating is expressing yourself. Did you say too much? Did you say too little? Did you get your point across? All these questions might plague you just minutes after you get off our ‘leave a message service’ but let us assure you that ‘speaking up’ is the first step towards ‘getting heard’.

Political Leadership is about common good, but in the dens of Pakistani political leaders the agendas served have little to do with the welfare of the Pakistani citizenry, mainly focusing on; advancement of personal goals, control of state resources and heedless pursuit of the top 100 positions. Pakistan Herald lets you take your leaders to task for unsatisfactory performances. You are legitimately concerned here; respond openly to the actions of your heroes and that of blatant fools.

‘That’s my message’ allows every concerned and involved citizen of the state of Pakistan to leave a message for those at the helm of the state affairs. Record your message in the language of your choice; Urdu, English or any regional language of Pakistan. Address yourself to your heroes and to those you would like to see behind bars. Within 48 hours, you will be heard by every visitor to our site. Stand and be counted!

‘Leave a message’ Call now!

If you have decided to voice your opinion instead of putting it in neat little boxes for your future generation. Pick up that phone and voice your thoughts. Give feedback because it matters.

When you call Pakistan Herald you will hear the following greeting;
‘Thank you for calling’s feature ‘That’s my message’

Please include the following in your message

a) The name of the person the message is for
b) Your name and address
c) The date

Sample message:

My Name is M. Akram; I am calling from Detroit, USA on 28th of September, 2008. This message is for Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Message: 'Dear Mr. Sattar Edhi we are proud of you... You have been doing a great job for poor masses for a long time. You are my hero.'

Dial 001-281-769-2890* to Record your audio message over the phone.

* Check your phone call tariff for standard US calls.

From Pakistan, average call rate for per minute call to US is less than Rs. 3.00 only.

you face any technical difficulties, Let Us Know