Mission Statement

To provide Collaborative Environment for Pakistani's around the world to work towards a better Pakistan

Our Focus
  • Virtual Think Tank for Pakistan (VTTP): Use cyberspace to engage Pakistanis living around the world to identify, develop and advocate public policies, without deference to government, existing political forces or any other vested interest, to improve quality of life of common man in Pakistan.
  • To create awareness among masses that a great nation can only be built by producing individuals with great characters and bringing them to the forefront to manage national affairs.
  • Promote a culture of accountability through freedom of speech.
  • Streamline efforts to build credible institutions as opposed to relying on personalities.
  • Highlights the role of real heroes (dedicated, honest and hardworking teachers, scientist, engineers, doctors, farmers, industrial workers, businessman, judges, soldiers and Professionals from all walks of life) in nation building.
  • Provide a common platform for NRPs (Non Resident Pakistanis) to engage in practical and innovative projects in social, educational & health sectors.
  • Connect educational institution with Pakistani professionals living around the world for transfer of knowledge and career development of student community.